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  1. Sustainable Tourism Implementation Workshops

    The workshops are very interactive and are aimed at assisting Tourism Businesses to start their sustainability journey.  A key focus is to help stakeholders to collaborate within the areas where they operate (e.g. towns, cities, neighbourhoods).  Key barriers / issues which need to be resolved in order for businesses to move forward with sustainable businesses practices, are addressed.  Each workshop may include different stakeholders, e.g. establishment owners and managers, tourism business owners and managers, municipalities, local service providers, local retailers and local chambers and each workshop will have different outcomes, depending in the level of participation and the issues identified. Practical advice is shared on Energy Saving, Water Saving, Waste Management, Staff Involvement, Guest Communication and many more topics.

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  2. Staff Green Training

    This is a training is aimed at training accommodation establishment, small business staff and interested community members. The training presents a simple, easy to understand  and step by step approach to  help participants understand the “why to” and the “how to” of sustainable business practices.  All the steps are applicable to their own homes as well, so seeing  for example to cost saving impact is a motivator to also apply the principles at work.  This is a real “hearts and minds” intervention.  Advanced courses for senior corporate staff are also offered.

    Basic Training:  R575 pp for 3 hour training + travel & accommodation .
    Minimum 8, max 15 people, but can do a morning and afternoon session if we travel
    Corporate groups can be larger groups and pricing is done per request.

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  3. STPP Resource Efficiency Programmes

    The STPP,  in partnership with the NCPC and Evolve, has created a revolutionary programme that brings you energy, water, waste and product solutions to help your business convert to greener technology and  significantly reduce your operational costs. The solution programme provides you with a monitoring system and an on-site assessment which will help you to immediately reduce energy and water costs and hand-hold you through the process of converting to leading green technologies.

    Spend your money on what really counts – providing excellent guest experiences and creating sustainable businesses, and less on unnecessary resource costs.

    The STPP is a leader in assisting smaller tourism businesses to align their operations with international standards for responsible and sustainainble tourism, thereby creating more sustainable businesses, more sustainable communities and more sustainable destinations.

    The programme willbe rolled out in clusters.

    • Cluster 1 – Magaliesburg 5 November 2014
    • Cluster 2 – South Johannesburg 12 November 2014
    • Cluster 3 – Cape Town – Date TBC

    Please contact us if you are interested to participate

    or check STPP Events to see when we will be in your area

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  4. Food Gardening for Your Establishment: Staff and Community Training

    The aim of this training is to up-skill operational staff, i.e. maintenance and / or gardening staff and / or kitchen staff to run food gardens. The training is also offered at community level, where the community becomes a supplier of herbs, vegetables, fruit and other goods to establishments and businesses.  Basic business skills and setting up of cooperatives will be covered.

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  5. Carbon Offset– GreenDreams

    Does your accommodation establishment face the challenge of meeting guest expectations for sustainable operations, while trying to hold down costs? Did you know that as far as sustainability measures go, a carbon offset programme is one of the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve competitiveness on “green credentials”, thanks to GreenDreams™?

    Guesthouses are often discouraged to implement an offset programme as they are unsure where to start or how best go about it. By participating under the GreenDreams™ offset programme everything is taken care of, allowing hotels to add value to their guest’s experience without compromising on their comfort.

    The benefits

    Offering a carbon offset programme is an easy and cost-effective way to:

    • Boost your Corporate Social Investments and BBBEEE scorecard, if applicable
    • Offer businesses what they are demanding: green business meetings and hotel stays
    • Allow guests to “green up” their travelling and feel better about their impact on the environment and communities

    Offsetting with GreenDreamsTM

    With the launch of GreenDreamsTM, it is now easier than ever for accommodation establishments to offer their guests a 100% carbon neutral stay. GreendreamsTM, developed by Climate Neutral Group and in collaboration with the Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme, is South Africa’s first carbon offset programme for accommodation establishments.

    By offsetting with GreenDreams™  hotels can confidently claim that the carbon emissions of their guests stay has been offset with much needed clean energy projects elsewhere in the country. Hotels can end up reducing emissions and enhancing the quality of life for vulnerable communities by giving them access to cleaner, safer and more reliable energy. 

    With GreenDreams™ your establishment will qualify for the Eco Atlas “carbon neutral” icon and discounted website listing where you will be listed along with other eco-accommodations, such as Spier and Vineyard Hotel. And that’s not all, for every 500 bed-nights you offset we will provide your establishment with a free Wonderbag (worth R230) which you can display to your guests, use to lower energy bills, or give away to your staff or nearby communities.

    How much does it cost?

    To make your guests stay 100% carbon neutral costs only R5 (ex VAT) per bed-night. The additional charge can be added to the guests bill or absorbed in the room rate.

    If your establishment is looking to elevate its sustainability credentials and at the same time make a big impact on SA communities then please download attached the GreenDreams™ sign up form here: Please click this link to download the GreenDreams Sign Up Form LR

    Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.


    Carbon offsetting is the funding of an activity outside of one’s own organisation that reduces emissions elsewhere, by the same amount as the emissions that need to be offset.

    Some see carbon offsetting as philanthropy where money is donated to help the environment. We prefer to see it as “waste management”, where you pay someone to carry out the service of dealing with your carbon waste, under the strict monitoring criteria…..

    There are several ways of offsetting carbon emissions….

    SOURCE: The Gold Standard – Carbon Offset Handbook

    Please contact us should you have specific requirements

  6. Ongoing Surveys

    Ongoing Surveys

    The STPP runs short surveys and collects industry data from time to time, and we request that each and every small tourism owner participates in these surveys.

    Every effort is made to keep the data provided confidential.  No data is shared with a third party, unless the research has been commissioned, in which case details will be provided on the survey.  Please see our section on “Latest Surveys” for detail on current surveys.

    Survey results (which excludes any personal / confidential data) are available to survey participants free of charge.

    Other third parties who may want to have access to Survey Results (which excludes any personal / confidential data) be allowed access to the surveys as follows:

    • Submission of 10 completed and valid “MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet” application forms, showing “Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme” as a beneficiary (please refer to website  or  contact us for should you require any further detail);
    • A donation of no less than R250 through our GivenGain link;
    • A donation of no less than R250 into our bank account.  Please click on this link to donate.
    • A trade agreement to be discussed by contacting us on e-mail.
  7. On-site Assessments

    The on-site assessment is a natural next step to the introductory workshops.  The on-site assessment provides business and establishment owners, managers and staff with practical behavioural and procedural changes which may assist them with, amongst others, eco-friendly business practices, water, energy and waste management and improved purchasing.

    The on-site assessments are normally done in small groups (no more than 10 people), as this provides the opportunity for support networks and information sharing platforms to be created.

    Please contact us for more information on the on-site assessments and / or a quotation.

  8. Broad Statutory Compliance and Risk Management

    The workshops assist Smaller Tourism Businesses to implement the correct compliance requirements and keep them updated on current compliance guidelines.  The workshops are offered to groups of establishments, as this allows for collaboration and sharing knowledge amongst business managers and owners, in addition to being a more cost effective implementation approach.

    Compliance and Risk Management are principles that underpin Sustainable Business, and we encourage all Tourism Businesses to participate.

    Please contact us for a workshop quotation.

  9. BBBEE Certification

    The aim of this offering is to assist establishment owners and managers obtain BBBEE certification. Special rates from service providers are negotiated while information and benefits of BBBEE certification is shared during all STPP workshops.  Black Economic Empowerment is an item that is covered within the SANS 1162:2011 guidelines, and we would gladly assist you with answering any queries re BBBEE in your business via e-mail or during work shops.

    Please contact us about your specific needs in relation to BBBEE.

  10. HIV / AIDS Awareness Work Shops

    The aim of this offering is to assist establishment owners and managers to create awareness amongst staff and community members on HIV / AIDs and the impact on long-term sustainability of communities and tourism. Relevant service providers are being engaged.

  11. Eco Atlas


    For further information on the Eco Atlas qualification scheme please click the link below:

    Please click this link to download the Eco Atlas Info Card

    Please contact us should you have any queries.