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Recognising the importance of the tourism sector and the role of SMME’s

The Second Annual Tourism 2020 Dialogue promises a few surprises from international and local organisations for small businesses in South Africa. The content of these s are highly confidential at the moment, yet the organisers are excited and will reveal all at the dialogue. “ I believe that  many of the conversations we will have during the 25 July Dialogue and the 26 July Industry Workshop are very long overdue, and that the South African Sustainable Tourism Implementation needs to be boosted to catch up as a result.  It is great to see so many businesses getting equally excited about the tourism industry,and the realisation amongst all that we need to work together” says Niki Glen,Programme Director of the Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme.

The dialogue will see industry leaders, SMME’s,  patrons and partners discussing main areas of concern within the tourism industry and in particular in relation to  tourism sustainability. It will further provide a platform for participants to identify initiatives that are not only relevant to the tourism sector’s sustainable growth, but also to that of other sectors. It will also provide an opportunity for major organisations, associations and programmes to collaborate in their efforts to ensure overall success in the tourism industry, without duplicating crucial activities and ensuring that critical gaps are addressed.

“While each sector faces its own sustainability challenges, it is imperative for tourism sustainability to collaborate with all other sectors, as tourism is both impacted by and directly impacts other sectors and their growth targets,” says Caroline Ungersbock, Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme co-founder and president of the NAA-SA.

Some of the key questions that will be discussed at the dialogue include:

  1. What is the role of corporate South Africa in achieving tourism sustainability?
  2. Is tourism sustainability relevant enough to other sectors and how is this relevance measured?
  3. What opportunities arise for cross-sector-collaboration?

“The Tourism 2020 Dialogue is the second in a series of events and each event provides speakers with new challenges in the context of tourism sustainability,” says Niki Glen, co-founder of the Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme.” It also presents opportunities for cross functional stakeholders interaction, thereby strengthening the collaborative partnerships which will contribute to achieving the National Tourism Sector Strategy (NTSS) 2020 Vision.”

Some of the speakers at the dialogue include:

  • Bridgitte Burnett – Nedbank, head of sustainability
  • Eldrid Jordaan – Advisory board member of Mxit
  • Janet Landey – President of the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA)
  • Nombulela Mkefa – Director: Tourism City of Cape Town

The Dialogue, which  will be hosted by the Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme, the National Accommodation Association of South Africa (NAA-SA) and Alive2Green, will take place on Thursday, 25 July at the Sandton Convention Centre. This free seminar is open to people who can contribute to the Tourism Dialogue.

People representing the following should attend:

  • Travel, tourism and hospitality businesses and stakeholders,
  • SMME’s, businesses and corporate from other sectors,
  • Local Governments,
  • Tourism associations,
  • Sustainability professionals,
  • Tourists and travellers.

More information can be obtained from:

Niki Glen – Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme
Tel: +27 (0)79 872 3160
Email: niki@sttp.co.za

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