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Current Projects

Sustainable Tourism Awareness and Implementation

Staff Green Training
Staff Green Training covers the 41 criteria and four pillars of Responsible Tourism, i.e. Cultural and Social Criteria, Environmental Criteria, Economic Criteria and Management & Operational Criteria . It helps staff members of tourism businesses to understand the relevance to their lives of simple changes in behaviour that will have important impacts on how your business operates. It teaches staff the why, what and how of basic steps to implement in your work place and home, including saving water, detergents and green products, composting / worm farms / bokashi bins, growing vegetables, saving energy, alternative food preparation methods, recycling, vegetable gardening, green events, gaining a greater understanding of the link between responsible tourism practices and basic businesses principles as it pertains to each job role within an establishment i.e. what is relevant to a chefs, housekeepers, waiters, maintenance personnel, gardeners and administrators.

Resource Efficiency Programme
The Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme (STPP) has partnered with Evolve to create the STPP Resource Efficiency Programme. The programme provides tourism and hospitality businesses with a monitoring system and on-site assessment which will help you to immediately reduce energy and water costs and hand-hold you through the process of converting to leading green technologies. Additional support is provided for waste management training and practices, improved purchasing behaviour and general understanding of resource efficiency in tourism. Spend your money on what really counts – providing excellent guest experiences and creating sustainable businesses, and less on unnecessary resource costs. The STPP is a leader in assisting smaller tourism businesses to align their operations with international standards for responsible and sustainable tourism, thereby creating more sustainable businesses, more sustainable communities and more sustainable destinations.

Click here for more information and to sign up for the STPP Resource Efficiency Programme with Evolve.

Responsible Tourism Dialogue – Sustainability Week
The STPP manages the annual Responsible Tourism Dialogue as part of Alive2Green’s Sustainability Week. We have had 5 very successful events since June 2012, and are looking forward to taking this to new heights in 2017! For more information, click here.

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Handbook of Southern Africa
The STPP is the editor of this annual publication. Thus far, we have completed volumes 1 to 5. We distribute more than 10,000 copies every year, and this has become a highly recognised publication as it provides broad perspectives of Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, and is used by many industry players as a reference and tool. For more information, click here.

Volume 1     Volume 2     Volume 3     Volume 4     Volume 5

RETOSA Sustainable Tourism Implementation Guide
This how-to-guide provides solutions to some of the common challenges that tourism SMMEs across Southern Africa face. It will assist tourism SMMEs through providing practical steps to make simple changes. SMMEs can focus on finding solutions to sustainability challenges by implementing some of the ideas presented in the guide. For more information, contact us here.

RETOSA – Sustainable Tourism Conference 2016

City of eThekwini -Community Tourism Capacity Building
Tourism associations are critical stakeholders within the tourism supply chain, as they act as a conduit between government and the private sector. Local tourism associations (LTAs) and CTOs provide forums for tourism businesses (emerging and established) to communicate and network, while facilitating market access for members. These associations act as the local tourism industry facilitator to aid in local project implementation. It provides continuity in tourism development as opposed to short-lived tourism projects and interventions. The eThekwini Municipality has identified CTOs as a key instrument for promoting the development of tourism in communities as well as broadening the tourism base in the city. The project focuses on building capacity within CTOs become stronger in supporting their members.

N12 Treasure Route Association Partnership
The N12TRA will, through sustainable tourism development, help create many opportunities for commercial activity and employment in rural areas and small towns. The N12 TRA presents opportunities for local economic development in lesser-known rural areas, where a multitude of unexploited tourism assets in South Africa is captured. Development is by the people for the people who live in the area and are proud of their heritage.
The N12 and its implementation partners; including government agencies and the Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme (STPP) develop projects with local community partners to help ensure the implementation is sustainable aligned to the National Tourism Sector Strategy and SANS 1162:2011 amongst others.

Resource Efficiency Programme
The STPP and partners are currently implementing Resource efficiency audits and implementing energy efficiency solutions for a number of accommodation establishments in Magaliesburg, Sandton as well as along the N12 Treasure Route and other Karoo towns.