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Alive2green is a media company advocating sustainability, believing that once presented with the relevant information, decision makers will make the right choices. The company tackles the issues surrounding sustainability and the environment and owns and produces conferences, exhibitions, handbooks, ejournals, websites and magazines that aim to connect leading industry stakeholders. In doing so we can communicate the fundamental industry issues and therefore promote and facilitate action needed for a sustainable future.  The STPP has partnered with Alive2Green by providing subject matter expertise on Sustainable Tourism to their existing market, in turn utilising the Alive2Green platforms to communicate to the STPP Member Base.

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Eco Atlas


ECO ATLAS  is the ethical directory to accommodation, restaurants, activities, products and services in South Africa. It provides a one-stop green guide for conscious consumers and travelers empowering YOU to choose where to eat, play and stay based on sound environmental and ethical practices. Using the twenty ECO CHOICE icons you will be able to see at a glance who is achieving sustainable goals enabling you to make informed decisions about which businesses to support. Our unique search function will also inspire you to source locally produced and earth-friendly produce and products.

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The N12 Treasure Route Association (N12TRA)

The Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme (STPP), as the official sustainable tourism implementation partner of the N12TRA develop projects with local community partners to help ensure the implementation is sustainable aligned to the National Tourism Sector Strategy and SANS 1162:2011 amongst others.

The N12TRA, through sustainable tourism development., help create many opportunities for commercial activity and employment in rural areas and small towns.  The N12TRA presents opportunities for local economic development in lesser-known rural areas, where a multitude of unexploited tourism assets in South Africa is captured.  Development is by the people for the people who live in the area and are proud of their heritage.  The N12TRA has formed a partnership with the National Department of Tourism, and together with the STPP, will take the route to new heights.


Tourism Tattler

Tourism Tattler

As the official travel trade journal of SATSA, RETOSA and the NAA-SA, the Tourism Tattler is distributed monthly to over 30,000 travel professionals internationally and is distributed free of charge on subscription.

The Tourism Tattler publishes a broad range of informative and educational editorial content that may be of benefit to owners, managers and staff members alike. Essential reading for anyone involved in the tourism, travel or hospitality trade in or to Africa.



African Centre for Universal Access

There is a great need to create sustainability within the tourism industry, and one key component is addressing universal accessibility, both from a legal/ human rights perspective, and from the perspective of accessing new markets.  It is critical that accommodation establishments as well as other tourism service providers accommodate all tourists and visitors with  special needs. The intention is to understand the range of needs of visitors and how to best address them, even if it is initially at a smaller scale, working gradually to increase the range of their user-friendliness. People living with a range of function and limitations had found that they were able to cope with the challenges and disability itself, but it was the environment in which they were expected to operate as a person with functional challenges was in fact most problematic. Regulation therefore was the best way to ensure that there was increased access for all.  It is this very point that needs to be driven home to every South African business, so as to ensure that all tourists enjoy equal opportunity for enjoyment.  It is with this in mind that the ACUA wishes to drive awareness and education amongst tourism businesses in South Africa and to sensitize businesses on the why UA is critical to sustained business success and how UA can be implemented. The aim is to address this through working with clusters of businesses and to bring partners on board to help facilitate change.


Evolve - color on white


The Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme (STPP) has partnered with Evolve to create the STPP Resource Efficiency Programme.  The programme provides tourism and hospitality businesses with a monitoring system and on-site assessment which will help you to immediately reduce energy and water costs and hand-hold you through the  process of converting to leading green technologies. Additional support is provided for waste management training and practices, improved purchasing behaviour and general understanding of resource efficiency in tourism. Spend your money on what really counts – providing excellent guest experiences and creating sustainable businesses, and less on unnecessary resource costs. The STPP is a leader in assisting smaller tourism businesses to align their operations with international standards for responsible and sustainable tourism, thereby creating more sustainable businesses, more sustainable communities and more sustainable destinations.

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People°s Weather

People°s Weather is Africa’s first and only 24/7 climate, environment and weather channel, on DStv Channel 180.

Our mission is to communicate in an entertaining and informative way the weather and effects of the climate and environment on people and the world they live in.
The channel is all about communicating the importance of sustaining nature as well as the culture of the people inhabiting it.
People living the weather is you and me. It is the outdoor enthusiast and the mountaineer. The couple who enjoys a glass of bubbly while watching a beautiful sunset. Stephan le Roux, CEO People°s Weather.

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AllXS Media

ALLXS is offering a free app that will ensure that South Africans and tourists get special treatment and insider information from places on their wish lists as well as their favourites that they return to year after year. Users can discover and connect with exciting tourist attractions and make the best decision on where to go by seeing a complete picture of what is happening around them. The ALLXS app gets users instant access to time-sensitive deals, special preferential treatment, maps, information and exclusive offers.

Not only is ALLXS making it accessible for tourists to be an insider in many places, they are making it available for tourism businesses to innovate the way they engage with tourists. By signing onto the ALLXS platform smaller tourism businesses now have an intelligent mobile solution to communicate personally with travelers and turn the trip into an adventure with suggestions of detours to enhance the journey. The app includes live maps with real time proximity for visitors to connect with hotels, wine farms and restaurants.

There are many variations to what creates the right context but one is most essential. If a digital platform can deliver a message you care about because of your identity, at the right time and at the right place then we have true contextual communication. So, when you receive a lunchtime special during lunch time when you are in proximity of local restaurant, you are more likely pop in than if you receive an sms while sitting at home in the evening ready to watch your favourite show. The technology opens all kinds of possibilities to engage with your community. There are so many interesting things all around us but until now there has been no effective way for the local business to keep their community informed.