Environmental, Tourism & other Interesting Dates

  1. STPP Events

    We would like to encourage everyone to attend workshops, roadshows, talks and seminars on Sustainable / Responsible tourism during 2014.  While the STPP will be running their own events and events in partnership with other organizations, there are a number of non-STPP events as well.  We will post the ones we know of and that we believe will benefit tourism businesses and stakeholders on our website.  Please regularly visit our website or further detail, or send us a note if you would like to receive information specific to your town / area / region.

    STPP Events 2016 :

    □    Colesberg 5 April  –  Sustainable Tourism Implementation & Resource Efficiency

    □    Kimberley and Prince Albert workshops to be scheduled for April

    □    George 8 February – N12TA – Sustainable Tourism Implementation Workshop

    □    Outdshoorn 9 February –  N12TRA – Sustainable Tourism Implementation Workshop

    □    Victoria West 11 February –  N12TRA – Sustainable Tourism Implementation Workshop

    Please e-mail or phone for more information about workshops.

    Caroline Ungersbock – or 082 880 6350

    Niki Glen – or 079 972 3160


    STPP Events 2015 :

    □     Kokstad KZN –  29 April- Sustainable Tourism Implementation Workshop

    □     Nottingham Road KZN  – 30  April – Sustainable Tourism Implementation Workshop

    □     Bloemfontein – 30 April – Sustainable Tourism Implementation Workshop

    □     Cradock –  tbc

    □     Victoria West – 25 May – Sustainable Tourism Implementation Workshop

    □     Beaufort West – 26 May – Sustainable Tourism Implementation Workshop

    □     Klerksdorp tbc – Sustainable Tourism Implementation Workshop

    □     Potchefstroom – 2 June -3rd Strategy Workshop


  2. Enviromental & Tourism Calendar
    Date Event
    10-Jan National Cut Your Energy Cost Day
    02-Feb World Wetlands Day
    12-Mar Plant A Flower Day
    19-25 Mar National Water Week
    20-Mar Earth Day
    21-Mar World Forestry Day
    22-Mar World Water Day
    23-Mar World Meteorological
    29-Mar Earth Hour 8:30 pm
    10-May National Public Gardens Day
    01-Jun National Trails Day
    05-Jun World Environment Day
    08-Jun World Oceans Day
    17-Jun World Desertification Day
    17-Aug International Homeless Animals Day
    04-Sep National Wildlife Day
    1-7 Sept National Arbour Week
    16-Sep International Day of Protection of the Ozone Layer
    18-Sep World Water Monitoring Day
    27-Sep World Tourism Day
    27-Sep National Crush A Can Day
    04-Oct World habitat Day
    20-Oct National Marine Day
    15-Nov America Recycles Day/Use Less Stuff day
    28-Nov Sustainability Day
  3. Special Dates
    Date Event
    10-Feb Chinese New Year
    14-Feb St Valentines day
    22-Feb World Thinking Day
    17-Mar St Patrick’s Day
    20-May Strawberry Picking Day
    12-May Mothers Day
    16-Jun Father’s Day
    18-Jun International Picnic Day
    03-Aug Help Out A Neighbor day
    31-Aug Eat Outside Day
    04-Sep Secretary’s day
    23-Sep First Day Of Spring
    16-Oct National Bosses Day
    26-Oct Make A Difference Day
    31-Oct Halloween
    02-Nov Take A Hike Day
    05-Nov Guy Fawkes Night
    01-Dec Eat A Red Apple Day
    05-Dec International volunteer Day
    27-Dec Paper Snowflake Day-Use Recycled Day
  4. Other Interesting Dates
    Date Event
    16-Jan International Hot & Spicy Food Day
    01-Feb International Eat ice Cream For breakfat Day
    04-Feb World Cancer Day
    17-Mar St Oatrick’s Day
    07-Apr World Health Day
    29-Apr World International Dance Day
    04-May World laughter Day
    15-May International Day of families
    28-May International Burger Day
    01-Jun International Childrens Day
    12-Jun 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil Starts
    01-Jul International Chicken Wing Day
    06-Jul International fried chicken day
    11-Jul World Population Day
    13-Jul 2014 Fifa World cup brazil Final
    18-Jul Mandela day
    28-Jul World Conservation Day
    30-Jul International Friendship Day
    12-Aug International Youth Day
    19-Aug World Humanitarian Day
    08-Sep International Literacy Day
    13-Sep International Chocolate day
    21-Sep International Day of peace
    22-Sep World Car Free day
    01-Oct World Music Day
    10-Oct World Egg Day
    16-Oct World food Day
    11-Nov World Veterans Day
    13-Nov World Kindness Day
  5. Public Holidays
    Date Event
    01-Jan New Years Day
    21-Mar Human Rights Day
    18-Apr Good Friday
    21-Apr Family Day
    27-Apr Freedom Day
    28-Apr Public Holiday
    01-May Workers Day
    16-Jun Youth Day
    09-Aug National Womans Day
    24-Sep Heritage Day
    16-Dec Day of Reconciliation
    25-Dec Christmas Day
    26-Dec Day of Goodwill