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  • Enviromental & Tourism Calendar
  • Date Event
    10-Jan National Cut Your Energy Cost Day
    02-Feb World Wetlands Day
    12-Mar Plant A Flower Day
    19-25 Mar National Water Week
    20-Mar Earth Day
    21-Mar World Forestry Day
    22-Mar World Water Day
    23-Mar World Meteorological
    29-Mar Earth Hour 8:30 pm
    10-May National Public Gardens Day
    01-Jun National Trails Day
    05-Jun World Environment Day
    08-Jun World Oceans Day
    17-Jun World Desertification Day
    17-Aug International Homeless Animals Day
    04-Sep National Wildlife Day
    1-7 Sept National Arbour Week
    16-Sep International Day of Protection of the Ozone Layer
    18-Sep World Water Monitoring Day
    27-Sep World Tourism Day
    27-Sep National Crush A Can Day
    04-Oct World habitat Day
    20-Oct National Marine Day
    15-Nov America Recycles Day/Use Less Stuff day
    28-Nov Sustainability Day

  • Special Dates
    Date Event
    10-Feb Chinese New Year
    14-Feb St Valentines day
    22-Feb World Thinking Day
    17-Mar St Patrick's Day
    20-May Strawberry Picking Day
    12-May Mothers Day
    16-Jun Father's Day
    18-Jun International Picnic Day
    03-Aug Help Out A Neighbor day
    31-Aug Eat Outside Day
    04-Sep Secretary's day
    23-Sep First Day Of Spring
    16-Oct National Bosses Day
    26-Oct Make A Difference Day
    31-Oct Halloween
    02-Nov Take A Hike Day
    05-Nov Guy Fawkes Night
    01-Dec Eat A Red Apple Day
    05-Dec International volunteer Day
    27-Dec Paper Snowflake Day-Use Recycled Day

  • Other Interesting Dates
    Date Event
    16-Jan International Hot & Spicy Food Day
    01-Feb International Eat ice Cream For breakfat Day
    04-Feb World Cancer Day
    17-Mar St Oatrick's Day
    07-Apr World Health Day
    29-Apr World International Dance Day
    04-May World laughter Day
    15-May International Day of families
    28-May International Burger Day
    01-Jun International Childrens Day
    12-Jun 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil Starts
    01-Jul International Chicken Wing Day
    06-Jul International fried chicken day
    11-Jul World Population Day
    13-Jul 2014 Fifa World cup brazil Final
    18-Jul Mandela day
    28-Jul World Conservation Day
    30-Jul International Friendship Day
    12-Aug International Youth Day
    19-Aug World Humanitarian Day
    08-Sep International Literacy Day
    13-Sep International Chocolate day
    21-Sep International Day of peace
    22-Sep World Car Free day
    01-Oct World Music Day
    10-Oct World Egg Day
    16-Oct World food Day
    11-Nov World Veterans Day
    13-Nov World Kindness Day

  • Public Holidays
    Date Event
    01-Jan New Years Day
    21-Mar Human Rights Day
    18-Apr Good Friday
    21-Apr Family Day
    27-Apr Freedom Day
    28-Apr Public Holiday
    01-May Workers Day
    16-Jun Youth Day
    09-Aug National Womans Day
    24-Sep Heritage Day
    16-Dec Day of Reconciliation
    25-Dec Christmas Day
    26-Dec Day of Goodwill

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